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eskimojust-Eskimo joe lover, music addict...

i love rain on tin roof's rain in summertime...anything goes?

9 September 1988
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I am Me... I am an owl. You wouldn't think i was when you look at me... what with the no feathers and the not hooting, but i can stay up very late easily.
No i'm not "weird". Just imaginative and creative, and perhaps your conservative brain cannot handle that...who knows?

I am a music addict. Yeah... they tried to help me. I like perth bands... love eskimo joe...

justine tends to stay up late and never get enough sleep, and as a result will have sexy panda eyes, she loves to listen to jjj and watch rage. She doesn't like storms because they cause the power to go out and her poor cat max to go psycho.

i'm too opinionated.