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the customer files - eskimojust-Eskimo joe lover, music addict... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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the customer files [Oct. 7th, 2008|11:31 am]
conversations with ISP BigPond customers. -_-

what email program are you using?

are you using outlook or outlook express?


what is the error msg.. are you able to reproduce the error?

i deleted it.

okay could i get you to go to tools>


email accounts>


view or change existing email accounts

are you with me?

no. I'm not at the computer..

are you able to go to it?

yes, i can now.

are you using outlook 2007?

im using xp, outlook express

... later

is there an 0x800 number as well?

i think so i'll just look

it's 0x800ccceo

(there is no such error probably means 0x800cccoe)

this error is commonly cased by firewall and antivirus software

the server wont connect to ethernet outlook


i see youve come through the automated voice service and you have your dsl light on

excuse me but i have adsl

what type of adsl modem do you have?

i have a router (cust pronounced rooter)

yes but what type of adsl modem do you have?

a dlink


what version of windows do you have?

windows internet explorer

what colour is your start button?

i havent got a start button, i have windows vista


epic fail.